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Sugar Icing Toppers
Sugar icing sheets come on a plastic backing - which needs to be removed
 before sticking to your cake !
Sugar icing sheets - are surprise, surprise - sugar based - so if to " warm " the sugar becomes sticky / tacky  - making it hard ( impossible) to remove from backing sheet.
We do try and send out the sheets so they are " slightly " dried and not sticky .
So in the 1st instance to remove the topper from the backing sheet -see if you can run a very sharp knife around the edges of the sugar icing topper
 to prise it of the backing sheet .
This should work in most cases .
If Not  :- we will now make the sugar icing hard / solid -
 we do this by freezing it -to make the sugar sheet stiff . 
 Please freeze it by placing a baking sheet ( not the topper)
in a freezer for an hour or so -
 then take out and lay the topper on the baking sheet ( plastic side down) -
leave for a few minutes - till the sugar has " frozen"
- now use the knife again - you should find it comes off very easily !
Colours used on your topper are water based - so avoid getting water on the surface of the topper - as this will cause the design to smudge.
Now that the topper is free from the backing it will very easily stick to Icing .
If you have fondant icing ( hard) on your cake - then lightly dampen this icing with cool boiled water - not to make the icing " wet" - just sticky .
Then apply your large topper onto your cake - just lay the topper on to your cake, Dab with clean dry kitchen roll if requried  the icings , will dry together.
If you wanted to, you could pipe or decorate the edges of the topper and the cake - but there is no need to, unless you want too .
large photo cake decoration
Dont Forget !
you can also , add extra decorations to your cake
 if you wanted too - as in the above example .
These toppers by Simply topps are fully edible cake decorations