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Edible paper Instructions -( So easy To use !!)
For edible paper cupcake toppers that need cutting out
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cupcake scissors simply topps
You Will Need
patience cake decorating
edible paper toppers
Time , Clean Dry Sharp Scissors  , Patience  , Clean Dry Hands .
Your uncut cupcake toppers will come in sheet form 
 Each image will have a guide line to follow .
Just spend a few patient minutes cutting around each guide line until you have all your toppers cut and ready to use . Easy to use cupcake decorations !
by Simply Topps
For all edible rice paper toppers
All edible paper cupcake toppers dislike one thing more than any thing else -
Water ! Please avoid .
 It makes them shrivel and curl and look not nice
Edible paper cupcake decorations are Semi translucent so really need a white - or light background icing to show the design of to its best
Edible paper toppers can be used an all sorts of icings - the best though in our opinion is  butter icing -
this has less water moisture .
If using on glace icing - wait until the icing has dried - then very, very lightly dampen the icing with water to make it sticky  enough to hold your topper .
edible paper cupcake toppers by simply topps
This cupcake topper decoration has been laid Flat on the icing - this could - if there is too much moisture in the icing cause the topper to curl slightly . So Let your glace icing dry , and then as  per above instructions dampen very slightly with water to stick your cupcake topper on .-We have been told that "sticking your toppers to the icing with golden syrup - or honey ( lightly smeared ) works really well ."
customers decorated cupcakes with simply topps toppers
This cupcake decoration has been stood up in butter icing .
You do not have to have fancy swirl  - you could just spoon on your butter icing and smooth lightly with the back of a spoon !
The cupcake topper to the left is upright in the middle of the cake - but you could place near the front and " Lean" the topper back slightly .
With a knife  cut a small slot in the icing - position the topper - if needed just lightly push butter icing slot closed to hold topper in place .
Please just have a Go - Enjoy your cakes !
If you have some pics of our toppers
on your cakes please
send them in - we love to see them all .
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